Two White Cranes

Two White Cranes is the solo project of Roxy Brennan. Roxy is at the centre of our group of musicians here in Bristol, but this is her first full album since her 2006 debut as roxanne:theearlyyears. This album is strikingly beautiful and sad, and we are very excited about releasing a small run of it.

The Hollow Wood and Wondrous Cold

From the forthcoming vinyl re-issue of The Hollow Wood and Wondrous Cold. Released April, 2014 (ITLAN/stitch-stitch).

Three Songs

Our first release for a year, Three Songs by Ian Humberstone, is out now on 7" single.

Two May Shows

We're putting on two very special shows at Cafe Kino next week:

Thursday 2nd May - Rob St John

Lancastrian Rob St John plays drawn-out and ghostly songs underpinned by the creaks and drones of the harmonium, musical saw, fiddle, skittering drums, analogue synth and field recordings. Backed by a talented cast of collaborators and co-conspirators, his first album 'Weald' combined kraut, drone and psych influences with peals of British folk guitar and wheeling gusts of rich, cryptic vocals. Since then, he's been recording illegal bird hunting in Malta, field recording in Cornwall and curating the critically acclaimed Pendle, 1612 compilation. His new 7", Charcoal Black and the Bonny Grey / Shallow Brown, will be released on May Day.

with support from The Nervy Betters.

Cafe Kino, 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol. 8 - 10:30pm.
Tickets £5 in advance, available from Bristol Ticket Shop.
Facebook event.

Friday 3rd May - Haiku Salut

Derbyshire based instrumental trio Haiku Salut are embarking on a spring tour to promote their critically acclaimed debut album, Tricolore. Mixing baroque miniatures, film music and electronica, their captivating performances are a cavalcade of instrument-swapping joy.

with support from My Two Toms.

Cafe Kino, 108 Stokes Croft, Bristol. 8 - 10:30pm.
Tickets £5 in advance, available from Bristol Ticket Shop.
Facebook event.

News from old friends

Our two latest releases, Slow and Steady and Lvov Swims the Willamette, have been some of the most successful so far, so thank you to everyone who's bought one. Jack Lewis' record is a contender for one of the best of the year according to Marc Riley, and who is better positioned to make such a claim?

There'll be a small quiet period from stitch-stitch as we work on some new releases (both musical and human: the new I Know I Have No Collar album is about to be mixed, and Aaron is due to become a father very soon!) but there's lots of great new music coming out on other labels from stitch-stitch related artists.

Bucky have finally released their new album Women, Ladies and Girls (Sing the Bucky Songbook). The title is fairly self-explanatory - female cover versions of many Bucky songs - and it features The Middle Ones and Roxy. As well as Bucky favourites, you'll recognise songs from The Lonely Ponies too. Not only is it amazing, but it's also for charity! But if you're still not convinced, perhaps you should watch this high-budget advert.

Rozi Plain's long awaited follow-up to her debut has just come out on Fence. Called Joined Sometimes Unjoined, it contains many of the songs that she's been playing live over the past few years, and has a beautiful, dreamy quality to it. Rozi's been a member of stitch-stitch bands Arctic Circle and François & the Atlas Mountains, and we couldn't recommend her new record more.

My Robot Heart

Not content with simply playing their incredible music, The Middle Ones have teamed up with the very talented Molly Naylor to develop a show called 'My Robot Heart'. They've been trying it out in workshop-style performances over the past six months, and are now taking it to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

We've been lucky enough to see it a couple of times in its development, and it's as sad, funny, beautiful and heartwarming as you'd expect. Don't miss out!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe
1-12, 14-27 August 2012
3.25pm daily
Pleasance Courtyard

Book tickets here.

For press and tour booking please contact Show and Tell.

Slow and Steady

The Middle Ones release their long-awaited followup to 'It Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This' today, starting with a tour across the UK with Jack Lewis' Awkward Energy, also celebrating his recent stitch-stitch release! Slow and Steady is just as awe-inspiring and beautiful as their debut.

Jack Lewis and The Middle Ones Tour June 2012

W 6 - Preston - Continental
T 7 - Lancaster - The Yorkshire House
F 8 - Newcastle - The Dog and Parrot
S 9 - Bristol - Cafe Kino
S 10 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
M 11 - Nottingham - The Chameleon
T 12 - Hull - Adelphi
W 13 - London - Old Blue Last, Upset The Rhythm
T 14 - Cardiff - The Full Moon
F 15 - Sheffield - The Redhouse
S 16 - Manchester - The Castle, Carefully Planned

Order Lvov Swims the Willamette

A collection of all sorts of recordings from all sorts of places, Jack Lewis' Awkward Energy release their new album on stitch-stitch at the end of the month. You can pre-order it now - postage is being held at the rates it was before April.

Middle Ones tour

The Middle Ones are on tour this April with Ace Bushy Striptease, supporting the release of their new single, Courage. You can download it, as well as an amazing cover of Drops by The Balky Mule, at their Bandcamp page.

  • 5 April - MANCHESTER – Kraak
  • 6 April - WAKEFIELD - The Hop
  • 7 April - DURHAM - Fishtank
  • 8 April - SHEFFIELD - Audacious Art Experiment Warehouse
  • 9 April- NOTTINGHAM - The Chameleon
  • 10 April - NORWICH - Take Five (Alto45 album launch)
  • 11 April - BIRMINGHAM - Island Bar (with ONSIND)
  • 12 April - BRISTOL - County Sports Club
  • 13 April - NORTHAMPTON - Labour Club
  • 14 April - LONDON - The George Tavern (with Anguish Sandwich)

Some brand new Middle Ones t-shirts with a design by Joff Winterhart from Bucky will be available to buy at shows, and if you miss out you'll be able to order them from the stitch-stitch shop afterwards.

2012 news and that

So - François' new album E Volo Love is out on Domino and it's getting all the radio plays and French TV show slots you like. Incredible! And of course it is excellent, and you should buy it.

As for stitch-stitch news this year: we're putting the finishing touches to the download single for Courage by The Middle Ones, the first from their debut, and then we'll also be releasing their second album Slow & Steady later in the spring. You can watch a video for Courage below. And the promised Jack Lewis album will be along too.

Courage by The Middle Ones.