Releases: Her River Raves Recollections, The People to Forget, Forest Songs, Les Anciennes Falaises


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Growing up in Saintes, a Roman town by the river Charente in western France, FrÓnšois moved to Bristol in September 2003, to teach French. With an illustrated note put up in the window of the newly-opened Here Shop, he announced his arrival and his influences: Low, Hood, M˙m, Minotaur Shock, Crescent... Within a month he was playing trumpet for Crescent, but that's just how Bristol works.

In January 2004 he played his first live show, taking to the stage alone, making use of keyboards (played with his foot), a guitar, live samples and a drum machine, mixing playful and experimental ideas with his natural pop-tune sensibilities and sweet bilingual vocals.

FrÓnšois' contribution to the Bristol scene blossomed in 2004, as he released both his Stitch-Stitch debut, Les Anciennes Falaises (stitch004), and recorded I Know I Have No Collar's I'm Missing. His live show began to develop, and soon friends from across Bristol were helping out and playing their instruments with him.

This group grew and settled into a full-time backing band, entitled The Atlas Mountains. Featuring members of Crescent, Movietone, Arctic Circle, Headfall, Ladybird and more, The Atlas Mountains provided the perfect accompaniment for FrÓnšois' second dreamlike record, The People to Forget (stitch006).

2006 was possibly FrÓnšois' busiest year yet: Launching his new record by touring almost constantly, he toured supporting Camera Obscura in June, and then backed by the Atlas Mountains supported Thanksgiving straight after [tour diary]. Venn and Ashton Court Festivals followed, plus a trip to America in September and the release of Forest Songs (stitch010), a split 7" with Ray Rumours, in October.

The fruitful artistic relationship with Thanksgiving/Adrian Orange continued, and FrÓnšois & the Atlas Mountains provided the support and backing band for a six-week European tour of Adrian's K records debut, Adrian Orange & Her Band in the summer of 2007. He started work in Bristol and Brighton on a fourth album, entitled Brother. Then, in November, FrÓnšois abruptly disappeared from Bristol.

He surfaced the following year playing a support show to Tender Forever at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, accompanied by his French friends and a four-part female close-harmony choir. Too Pure released a second split 7" with Ray Rumours as part of their singles club, to which he contributed a track called Swimmers / Drifters, but apart from this, FrÓnšois kept a reasonably low profile.

At the end of 2008 he then re-emerged, collecting up work on the previous record into a beautiful double-7" Brother EP on Spanish label Lejos Discos. He had spent nearly all of the year in France, writing and recording a new album in his hometown. As both a preview and a transition to this monumental new work, FrÓnšois also released a 10" EP of both old and new material on Stitch-Stitch, and to launch it went on a small tour with old friends I Know I Have No Collar.

FrÓnšois' third album proper, Plaine Inondable is available from Fence Records, and the accompanying 10" EP, Her River Raves Recollections (stitch017) is out now on Stitch-Stitch.