I Know I Have No Collar

I Know I Have No Collar

Releases: A Little Slow, a Little Late, These Are Our Numbers, I'm Missing

Website: www.iknowihavenocollar.co.uk

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I Know I Have No Collar make lo-fi pop with drums and keyboards, write songs about lonely car journeys in the snow, and want to shake your hand while you sing along.

The band, who take their name from a lost cat poster, formed in 2003, playing their first show at the opening of the ladyfest-founded Here Shop and Gallery. FrÓnšois recorded their first two albums, and joined the band in 2005. Then Aaron went to Canada for a year, and when he got back, FrÓnšois had Atlas Mountains to take care of. Nowadays, Aaron and Tom play with Nat Baird, Steve Brett and Liam Kirby, who add bass and a squealing horn section to the new songs.

There are two early IKIHNC albums: I'm Missing is quite short and mostly instrumental, finishing with the eponymous sing-along that features at every show; These Are Our Numbers is the follow-up from 2005, and features live favourites such as Driving on Ice and Delia Derbyshire, the bleepy radio tribute to the radiophonic pioneer. Both of these records are currently unavailable, but will (I promise!) be re-released.

A new album with the full band was recorded in the Cube Cinema, Sea Scout Hut and various houses in Bristol from August 2008 to May 2009. It is called A Little Slow, a Little Late, and was released in August 2009.