Ian Humberstone

Ian Humberstone

Releases: Three Songs

Website: ianhumberstone.co.uk/


There’s a thread of open, analogue clarity that runs through Ian Humberstone’s work, tying together excursions into reel-to-reel recording, vinyl releases and film photography. His songs are warm-hearted and welcoming: the crackle through the telegraph wires across open fields, streaming light into crumbling church spires and derelict library pyres of the tiny towns close to his Cambridgeshire home.

Now based in Edinburgh, Humberstone’s new 7” ‘Three Songs’, brings together his first new recordings since the 2011 ‘House on the Hill’ split single (with Rob St. John, Song, by Toad). Prior to this, Humberstone produced extensive work between 2005-2009 as Tissø Lake, releasing two LPs and an EP. More recently, he co-founded the Folklore Tapes label, in 2011 releasing the soon sold-out (and much coveted) ‘Songs for Mariann Voaden’ – a largely instrumental sonic history of a 19th century Devonshire witch in rich analogue drones - on a cassette tape housed in a hollowed out hardback book.