The Middle Ones

The Middle Ones

Releases: T-shirt, Slow and Steady, It Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This


Anna Knowles begin writing and recording songs whilst growing up in Manchester, and on her relocation to Norwich to study in 2006 she met fellow northerner Grace Denton, and The Middle Ones came to be.

Anna still writes much of the material, her musings on love and friendship and self-worth accompanied by a rapid acoustic guitar; but it is the staggering harmony and vocal interplay between her and Grace which turn them into something to be cherished.

The Middle Ones' Things Grow There EP is out now on Where It's At Is Where You Are. Stitch-stitch is releasing their first two albums It Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This (April 2011) and Slow and Steady (June 2012).


Jack Lewis and The Middle Ones Tour June 2012

W 6 - Preston - Continental
T 7 - Lancaster - The Yorkshire House
F 8 - Newcastle - The Dog and Parrot
S 9 - Bristol - Cafe Kino
S 10 - Leeds - Brudenell Social Club
M 11 - Nottingham - The Chameleon
T 12 - Hull - Adelphi
W 13 - London - Old Blue Last, Upset The Rhythm
T 14 - Cardiff - The Full Moon
F 15 - Sheffield - The Redhouse
S 16 - Manchester - The Castle, Carefully Planned