Tissø Lake

Tissø Lake

Releases: The Hollow Wood and Wondrous Cold

Website: tissolake.bandcamp.com/

Tissø Lake is a recording project for Ian Humberstone and a lengthy list of co-conspirators from the United Kingdom. Three records were released under this name between 2006 and 2008, after which the project toured the basements, art galleries, churches, scout huts, cafes, pizzerias and underpasses of the UK and North America in various guises.

Self-released under the moniker Mathilde Records in 2008, 'Song of the Black Dog' sees the ruins of a Devon summer given mythical rendition through magnetic tape.

Since then, Humberstone has released several records under his own name, including the 7"s House on the Hill (Song, by Toad, 2011) and Three Songs (Stitch-Stitch, 2013). In 2011 he co-founded the Folklore Tapes label, releasing the soon sold-out (and much coveted) Songs for Mariann Voaden – a largely instrumental sonic history of a 19th century Devonshire witch in rich analogue drones.

Tissø Lake have made some of our favourite records, and we are very excited to be re-releasing some of that material.