29 september 2004

we’ve decided to try and go to america and canada next summer possibly with my two toms and fránçois. we semi-randomly picked out a route based on places where we know people and places that sound nice… here is that list –
washington, philadelphia, new york, providence, boston, somewhere nice in maine, montreal, winnipeg, toronto!!, detroit (ann arbour / royal oak / yipsilanti), chicago, olympia, portland, salem, crescent city, san francisco, oakland, LA…
if you can help us out with shows or have any better suggestions then please email us! thanks x

8 september 2004

thanks to everyone that’s been to see us at recent shows, especially at bring yourself fest, which was the most fun!! it involved pyjamas, me running to reach a bell and fránçois playing from the rafters! there are pictures in our fancy new compartmentalised pictures section!

if you have any pictures of us playing live, please email them to us! also, i’ve made a little section for the “i know i have no collar” in other languages, so get emailing those translations to us!! oh and come see us support jeffrey lewis in bristol on 17th september!