11 august 2005

we have finished recording our album. it’s called “these are our numbers” and has somewhere between 15 and 18 songs, depending on what we put on various compilations…. it sounds good i think, it was fun to do and nice to have fránçois taking more of a role in the playing… it should be out by september on stitch-stitch records.

i’ve loaded some old MP3s onto the recordings page, including all of the covers cd we did that sold out ages ago, so you can hear some stuff there!

2 august 2005

yikes – it’s been ages and we’ve broken all our promises!! our tour of america and canada didn’t happen for lots of reasons, maybe next year! we’re making an effort to finish our new record and plan on recording the final things for it at the cube cinema next week with fránçois. it’ll feature lots of new hits that we’ve been playing in recent live shows and also some newer songs that we haven’t played or quite finished writing yet!

we played some fun shows with french toast, major matt mason usa, pantsuit… exciting!!

we’re trying to organise a few shows around britain before the end of summer so if you can help us out then let us know – we could play in your house or in the local stadium, it’s up to you!