“i know i have no collar. my paw taps on your door. i know that you won’t hear me. you can’t see me any more.”

“we are named after a missing cat poster written in the first person… we decided to start a band based on a tape of a few keyboard things aaron recorded and my desire to be in as many bands as possible. we made up four songs in aaron’s living room with sam asleep on the sofa, waking him up ocasionally to ask for titles.

“our first show was at the opening of the here shop and gallery in bristol. our second was supporting the animal collective by which time we had about six songs and some fancy homemade t-shirts. aaron bought a farfisa keyboard from bedminster bargains and we wrote some better songs. we worked out how to play “hey ya” and i started drumming more. we don’t play it anymore because i get disheartened by the end. we played a bunch more shows and wrote some new songs.

“in july 2004 we went to fránçois‘ house to record our album “i’m missing” for stitch-stitch records (which aaron runs) and some cover songs for “i know these aren’t our songs”, a tour cd to coincide with the stitch-stitch world tour (taking in bristol, london and brighton with fránçois and lesbo pig). at recent shows and on record fránçois has been playing trumpet with us.

“if you come see us play we fully expect you to meow when appropriate and sing the “i know i have no collar” theme with us. if you speak another language, please email us the lyrics in that language (lyrics at the top of this writing) so far it’s been sung in standard english, french, german, spanish and unstandard english.” – tom 2005 x