——————-future shows——————–
none planned
i know i have no collar

——————–past shows——————–
55. 1st october 2013. supporting tenniscoats at cafe kino. we played the hal hartley set again. saya said, “i know i have no collar: it was like heaven.”
54. 6th september 2013. don’t look now – cube cinema fundraiser at the old vic. playing soundtracks from hal hartley films.
53. 7th july 2013. supporting advance base at the cube cinema.
52. 4th may 2012. aaron’s going-to-japan goodbye show at cafe kino, with two white cranes and expensive.
51. 18th december 2011. a year with the middle ones at cafe kino, with being there and frozy.
50. 12th november 2011. supporting siskiyou at the cube, with silver pyre. joff played the drums for us, and liam and steve had to run across town to play another gig after we finished. review here.
49. 16th october 2011. sunday roast at the cellar, oxford, with roxanne brennan.
48. 23rd june 2011. supporting tenniscoats at the cube, with rachael dadd. review here.
47. 28th december 2010. how come at the croft. with chairfight and maybe some other things. we played underneath a giant new-york taxi that was spewing smoke.
46. 8th april 2010. supporting DM stith at the cube, with joe volk.
45. 28th january 2010. how does it feel to be loved? at brixton jamm, london. with enderby’s room, betty and the werewolves, and the puncture repair kit. on the way to the gig we found out that jd salinger had died.
I Know I Have No Collar, Brixton Jamm
44. 15th november 2009. nanoplex at the cube. we wrote and performed a soundtrack to bjorn rune lie‘s book slush mountain.
43. 25th october 2009. stitch-stitch showcase, chapel arts centre, oxjam:bath. with loads of stitch-stitch bands. sarah harvey played the oboe! and we covered range by the balky mule. flyer
42. 11th september 2009. with sleeping states and fringes at the cube.
41. 2nd august 2009. tour with francois – the secret warehouse, bristol. with francois, the balky mule and rozi plain. this was the launch for our album ‘a little slow, a little late’ and francois’ ep ‘her river raves recollections’.
40. 30th july 2009. tour with francois – the basement, brighton. with francois and thirty pounds of bone. there was a really great basset hound.
nat / steve / aaron
39. 29th july 2009. tour with francois – take five cafe, norwich. with francois, the puncture repair kit and the gore vidals.
38. 28th july 2009. tour with francois – the betsey trotwood, london. with francois and the shrieking violets. this was an awesome show.
37. 27th july 2009. tour with francois – roxanne’s house, oxford.
36. 25th july 2009. barn raising in victoria park, windmill hill. it rained just before we started playing and so we ended up playing to about four people under a tarpaulin. it was amazing.
35. 2nd june 2009. supporting the tenniscoats at the cube.
34. 30th november 2008. with ray rumours at spike island. aaron’s second moving-to-canada goodbye show
I Know I Have No Collar
spike island show
33. 20th september 2008. supporting peter and the wolf at the cube, with planet earth.
32. 14th march 2008. supporting casiotone for the painfully alone at the cube, with olo worms.
31. 13th january 2008. nanoplex at the cube, with my two toms and rozi plain.
rock out.
30. 29th november 2007. cafe kino fundraiser at the cube, with headfall and vase. the infamous satellite linkup show: tom couldn’t make the gig, so performed all of his parts via a video link from the past. flyer
29. 13th october 2007. here shop 4th birthday all dayer. flyer
28. 6 april 2007. tom and aaron’s exhibition launch at here. flyer

27. august 28th 2005 – farewell show at here. this was our last show because aaron has moved to canada for a year. it seemed like we played for an hour and half but that can’t be right. anyway, we had so much fun – it was really great and everyone there was really supportive and danced and sung and meowed and made radio noises…. at the end when everyone was singing “i know i have no collar” to us while we just sat there was a really great moment. we had excellent support from fránçois and roxanne: the early years, plus illustrated djing by joff from bucky
i know i have no collar
26. august 27th 2005 – here here show at the cube cinema. we played to drawings that aaron had drawn and filmed that were beautiful and it hid all our mistakes! fránçois also played to his beautiful animations and headfall played to the comic “smoke” by adrian tomine.
25. may ? 2005 – supporting french toast at the rising sun arts centre in reading. wild times were had.
I Know I Have No Collar
24. april 23rd 2005 – supporting pantsuit and major matt mason usa at the here shop and gallery!!! wow, nan-turner-time!!
“i know i have no collar were absolutely sparkling gems of awesomeness last nite. tom is an incredibly unique drummer and made me want to play drums standing up. aaron is hilarious too. they made us all sing their theme song…I KNOW I HAVE NO COLLAR, and they had selected members of the audience singing in latin and norwegian and french. they also played a song that made me blush since they said my name in it and the words i made out were about drumming and me. it was very sweet. matt was going to defend my honor cause they were boys who wrote a song for me but then i think he got distracted” – nan turner
23. march 23rd 2005 – at barden’s boudoir, stoke newington, london. it was a stitch-stitch night with us, my two toms, the lonely ponies, bucky, fránçois and roxanne:the early years…
stitch stitch london show 1
22. january 30th 2005 – at the rising sun arts centre in reading with phil and fránçois – “Wow. I can’t believe how wonderful Sunday night was. You two are amazing. I am still sort of dancing and meowing inside. I will try and find out the lyrics in russian for you soon, too. The giggling! The OC! The piano! WE WON Love, Steve PS: Dead or Alive!” don’t you wish you’d been there?? aaron had canadian flu and was delerious and francois and sam were stoned. wild.
21. december 20th 2004 – stitch-stitch christmas show. we played at the here shop, bristol with headfall, team brick and vase (my two toms, fránçois and roxanne:the early years, had all played earlier outside on brandon hill). we played new covers of “hey now” by talking heads and “father to a sister of thought” by pavement and had “i know i have no collar” sung in latin – wild!
20. october 31st 2004 – irene’s birthday party!! we played in her bedroom opposite covent garden tube station. this was super scary because we sat on the bed and everyone sat really close to us… the song “i know i have no collar” sounded like the wonder years at one point (we had an american talk the words over us playing) and ended with us singing “have a nice cup of tea” and “happy birthday irene”
19. october 30th 2004 – we played the homocrime hallowe’en tea party in london with fránçois, truly kaput and the shallows. it was super fun – rory and irene sang with us on “oh canada” and irene helped me sing our song about nan turner. we also played our song about john peel – “the festive fifty” – for the first time. we ended the night by buying bagels and the sunday papers at midnight – cosmopolitan!!
18. september 17th 2004 – supporting jeffrey lewis in the crypt of a church on coronation road in bristol. also playing were the loners, a group of thirteen year old kids who were so good!! we played a new song about nan turner and a cover of a bucky song, both of which we messed up! it was not a good show. enid fudge played ukelele with us, and i hope she will again. jeffrey lewis was amazing.
17. september 7th 2004 – supporting ralph cumbers at the here shop, bristol, as part of the RLF goodbye shows. ralph accompanied us on “dupont circle” on trombone which sounded amazing… george also played saxacorder, but you couldn’t hear it :-( we also tried an ill-advised cover of “hey ya” which segued into “my sharona”…. never again. ralph was amazing. we will miss him.
16. september 4th 2004 – bring yourself fest, bristol with major matt mason usa and the dreamy nan turner. this was super fun!! we played in the scout hut and could hear seagulls while we played. we rocked the pyjama look for this show and fránçois hid up in the rafters to play trumpet, and sam played saxacorder as well. oh canada was the best for me because i got to run across the other side and play a bell for a bit while irene sang for us.
15. august 28th 2004 – QUEER MUTINY!!!! chapter arts centre, cardiff. we were billed as “lo fi indie queerboys” apparently…. er….. we played “i know i have no collar” on ukelele and floor and the audience sang really loudly! truly kaput also played and some man turned himself into a slug using clingfilm and ky jelly. wild.
14. august 27th 2004 – the cube cinema re-opening aniversary party in bristol! we played to a film of aaron’s jumpers in close-up that lisa made. it was very distracting! aaron wrote a new song about delia derbyshire. the call-in six and rachel dadd also played and fránçois played live to his animations.
13. august 9th 2004 – supporting the unicorns at an upset the rhythm night in london. i broke 3 drum sticks in as many minutes.
12. july 30th 2004 – last date of the stitch-stitch summer tour at the freebutt, brighton with lesbo pig, fránçois and the blue minkies.
11. july 29th 2004 – day two of the stitch-stitch summer tour at homocrime in london with lesbo pig, fránçois, humousexual and others.
10. july 28th 2004 – first date on the stitch-stitch summer tour at the here shop, bristol with lesbo pig, fránçois, headfall, humousexual and my two toms.
9. the glaive boat “affair” – we played on the balcony of the thekla, bristol. no one came. also playing were the call-in-six, team brick and an emergency.
8. supporting animal collective at marlowes, as well as my two toms. this was stressful and we only got to play like 4 songs.
7. the croft “incident” – s j esau kindly asked us to play this, but we missed our soundcheck because we were driving around making up songs about “the west wing” and we played terribley.
6. supporting lesbo pig, truly kaput and sofia graden at the here shop, bristol. this was AMAZING!
5. march 2004 – bucky covers show – we played “cry me a river” (j. timberlake), “east river” (j. lewis) and “hey ya” (outkast).
4. february 13th 2004 – supporting calvin johnson at the here shop, bristol. mylo clock and the pockets also played. wild.
3. december 2003 – stitch-stitch christmas show at bar unlimited, bristol. halfway through singing “i know i have no collar”, aaron said “everybody!” and everyone started singing the chorus with us… we’ve been trying to recreate that moment ever since.
2. supporting animal collective at bar unlimited, bristol. they were awesome. we were not. by this point, we had matching handpainted t-shirts, so it didn’t matter how bad we were! headfall and my two toms also played.
1. october 2003 – the opening party for the here shop and our first ever show. heather led the crowd in meowing.

flyers and accurate dates!!