Forest Songs

by Various Artists

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stitch010 — 7", 2005

    Side A

  1. Ray Rumours – Secret Hideout
  2. Ray Rumours – Forest Song
  3. Ray Rumours – Wolf Song

    Side B

  1. FrÓnšois – Hold On
  2. FrÓnšois – Aaron's Steps
  3. FrÓnšois – The Way to the Forest

Split between Ray Rumours and FrÓnšois.

This is probably the record I would recommend to anybody who is new to stitch-stitch. It's the perfect seven-inch: three tracks on each side from some of our favourite artists.

FrÓnšois' songs are all piano-based - this is the original slow version of The Way to the Forest, which is found with the full band on Brother.

These are some of the most beautiful Ray Rumours songs you will hear. Secret Hideout is my favourite, I think, and is probably my favourite Ray Rumours song.

"RAY RUMOURS. A delicate and simple guitar lady strumming and picking out some fragile and quite lovely tunes. Breathy and soothing she's singing it from her heart ... She recorded it all in her bedroom in Madrid and I bet that was a lovely afternoon with the sun coming through the blinds, so far from freezing England. I think there must have been some kind of foreign Exchange because the B-side is by FR└NăOIS and is recorded in Bristol and it sounds like a dusty old piano plonking out a haunting tune with atmospheric French words floating around it. Quite mesmerizing. It's a fat old 7" with 3 songs on one side and 3 on the other and with every song a gem, it's a definite for melancholy dreamers among us. I'm having one."


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