It Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This

by The Middle Ones


stitch020 — CD, 2011

  1. Quite Something
  2. Morningtime
  3. Fast Bridge
  4. For Giving
  5. Good As New
  6. Drops
  7. I Will Remember You
  8. Step Out
  9. Ocean Drum
  10. Goodnight
  11. Courage

Both albums together:


Some find it hard to write songs, especially good songs; for a band starting out, even accruing enough material for an album can seem a daunting task. A few half-hearted efforts might find their way in as filler. But when The Middle Ones started recording their debut record, it was clear that one album wasn't going to be enough to contain everything.

Here is the first album from those sessions, then: recorded onto an eight-track reel-to-reel in a victorian terraced factory workers' house in late october 2009, and in a cold, beautiful medieval church, the last remenant of Bristol's city walls, in the spring of 2010.

Anna's songs are a direct, elegant analysis of her relationships with family and loved ones; the kind of simple songs which are very difficult to write. Grace's harmonies intertwine like delicate lacework, and both perform with a joyful enthusiasm that has won them fans from around the world.

Simple augmentation from trumpet, clarinet, double bass, brass ensemble and kitchenware gives a vivid musical palette to the record.

It Is the Rehearsal That Will Make This is the first album by the Middle Ones; a second from the same recording sessions, Slow and Steady, will follow. We are exceptionally pleased and proud to be releasing them in collaboration with Discount Horse Records of Durham.


Cafe Yugue
Shimogamo Matsubarachō 4-5, Kyoto, Japan