Lvov Swims the Willamette

by Jack Lesser Lewis' Awkward Energy


stitch021 — CD, 2012

  1. New Year's Day
  2. Go Away Whitey
  3. Not Done Hugging
  4. Shadow Party
  5. The Rabbit, the Bat and the Reindeer
  6. Library Ghosts
  7. Falling Leaves
  8. Fell in Love Again (Watching Sue de Beer)
  9. Bike in the Snow
  10. Wait It Out
  11. Head to Toe
  12. Summertime Called
  13. The Polar Bear

A conversation with the pushy neighbourhood cat, a haunted library, trying to get some friends to dance on new years day, the dangers and joys of nature, and the confusing beginnings of a relationship.

These are some of the stories that appear on Lvov Swims the Willamette. The songs were recorded in all different locations. Some Lewis recorded himself on his computer, others were done with his brother Jeffrey and a full band at Emandee and Olive Juice Music Studios in New York City, some tracks were emailed back and forth with friends in NYC, San Francisco and Paris, one song was recorded in Colmar, France and another in a basement studio in Harlem, NY.

Jack Lewis was born and raised on the Lower East Side of NYC, but has been making Portland, Oregon his home since 2006. The Willamette River divides Portland from East and West, the West being 'downtown' and the East being where most people live. He is best known as bass player, singer and sometime songwriter for his brother in the Jeffrey Lewis Band (Rough Trade Records).

Lvov Swims The Willamette is Lewis' 4th or 5th album under the Lvov moniker, if you count self released or "official" albums.

He has collaborated with the French band Herman Dune on numerous albums, including their newest, Strange Moosic. Since 2001 he has toured the world with the likes of Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, The Mountain Goats, The Cribs and The Thermals. Jack was also part of the supergroup The Bundles which included his brother Jeff, Kimya Dawson and Karl Blau.

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Available through Cargo, and can be ordered in most UK record shops.

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