Silver Boat

by Ladybird


stitch015 — CD, 2009

  1. I Might Die
  2. Silver Boat
  3. Cherry Blossom Boy
  4. 34th Street
  5. Let Us Go

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Ladybird’s musical travels have been a genuine celebration of the wild, questing joy of being young and free, a feeling that courses through Victor's songs – which now, after a few years worth of international seasoning, pack a sharper, more irresistable pop punch than ever.

The Silver Boat EP was recorded in New York in May 2008, the sweet fruits of one of Ladybird's many rambling, off-the-cuff adventures on the road. Having played a low-key house show in Jersey City, the band were approached by an impressed onlooker from Studio 4 of the world-famous Manhattan Center, who was moved to offer them a recording session on the spot.