The Hollow Wood and Wondrous Cold

by Tissų Lake


stitch024 — 10", 2014

    Side A

  1. The Witches Are All Hung
  2. Tore Sparrow
  3. The Night Wind
  4. I Am Like a Lake
  5. The Hollow Wood

    Side B

  1. The Mist on the Meadow
  2. The Old Stories
  3. The Lady to Her Guitar
  4. The Night Air
  5. Like the Lake

The Hollow Wood And Wondrous Cold is the first record by Tissų Lake. Recorded to half-inch tape by Ian Humberstone in autumn 2005, the album originally saw a US-only release on CD by Banazan Records in 2006. It is presented here on vinyl for the first time with previously unreleased outtakes from the original sessions.

This young, delicate record was inspired by time spent in Norheimsund, Norway. It documents first forays into the woods, moonlit trips to the lake at night and explores the imagined histories of an unfamiliar landscape. The recordings were mixed by Humberstone and remastered for vinyl by Nico Marcel (Electrelane, Franēois & the Atlas Mountains, Rozi Plain) in October 2013.

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"The overriding feel of the record is perhaps unsurprisingly watery, with each short song resembling a clear, dark pool or a mist-wreathed woodland stream. In this way, the album deals with the vastness of nature without shirking human concerns. These songs are small and unassuming but they contain a liquid power that becomes more apparent with repeated listens, revealing layers of meaning and unexpected musical depths. Like the lake in the envelope, it transcends its exterior and holds moments of genuine surprise."
- Folk Radio UK