The Lonely Ponies

by The Lonely Ponies

Sorry, sold out.

stitch001 — 10", 2002

    Side A

  1. Future From the Past
  2. Wintertime
  3. Thirteen
  4. Switcheroo
  5. I'm a Lee
  6. Autoharp

    Side B

  1. Ounce Dice Trice
  2. Rickshaw in the Rain
  3. One Heart One Horseshoe
  4. Real Life Teardrops
  5. Cheeky Song
  6. I'm Bored

everything i remember about the lonely ponies record, by aaron.

the first lonely pony i met, i'm pretty sure, was joff, at the fleece when i went to see 10 benson on my own and it wasn't all that good at all, i was reading 'i capture the castle' by dodie smith and joff asked me about it and told me that he was in bucky. then my friends molly and clougdah met him but i didn't know it was the same person, and they wanted to make a band with him called 'cat rocks the dog' or something.

some years later, i went to see my two toms and bucky playing at the louisiana in bristol, i got there very early and spoke to stephen vase, and i ate oranges and watched the bands, my two toms i thought were amazing and bucky were awesome, and then they played together at the end which was awesome and amazing.

then some months (august, september, october, november, december) went by and i went to america and then came back, and at some time maybe in february i wrote to tom cops about doing a record for stitch-stitch (see "everything i remember about stitch-stitch beginnings") and he wrote back almost straight away saying yes and that they would want to do the artwork. this was at the start of 2002, when i was grumpy and then over excited while living in bristol and going to london a lot, and then in june i moved to cannington and worked in the yoghurt factory.

yoghurt days, i would get up at 5.25 everyday and walk to the yeo valley yoghurt factory, on the way i'd listen to harry potter on tape or sherlock holmes stories, one week i got out the biography of orson wells and learnt about him - it was very detailed up until he made citizen kane, then it seemed to sum up the rest of his life by saying "then he got fat and was embarrassing to everyone", but it was abridged to 2 tapes, so perhaps the book is better. i would walk down a motorway bypass, get to work and put-the-lids-on-the-pots-of-yoghurt-for-hours and then walk home and fall asleep and wake up and eat tea play the keyboard a bit and fall asleep again. alternate weeks i would go to work at like 2pm and work until 10pm and walk home listening to music and eat apples or yoghurt. on thursdays you could buy yoghurt for cheap if you worked there and i called it "yoghurt day at the yoghurt factory" which other people did too by the time i stopped working there and started going to college in taunton.

i first met tom cops and tom stubbs in the polish club on the afternoon of the maher shalal hash baz concert, i was co-promoting it with chiz from the cube and it was more exciting than words, the show was in may of 2002. on the afternoon i went to the place afterwork and spoke to stephen pastel a bit and then to katrina and then later to the toms. after the show i was too excited to sleep and stayed up all night listening to maher and to the my two toms album.

the first term at art school in taunton was good, i did some drawings of leaves and grass and made a film and i liked a dreamy girl who i saw in library but never spoke to. the lonely ponies recorded the songs for the 10" and i met tom to get the cd one day in bristol, i met him afterwork in the bookshop to show him the cardboard we would use for the sleeves. we went to see donnie darko at the cube and it was november 2002 probably.

some time before that i had a meeting with all the lonely ponies when billy childish played that the cube, it was in the garden and it was ok, mostly things were decided on e-mail between me and tom cops i think.

i got the sleeves made in 'pronta print' in taunton, another printing shop which was dark green would only quote me nearly 500 pounds, and then i told the people in the other print shop about it and they said "we can do it for like 60 pounds" so they wrote that down and it was great. then i went to pick them up with peter (who i lived with and went college with) and sally (whos house it was i lived in) and they were bitter about the price because it turned out it cost lots more, but i made them stick to it because i didn't have any more money at all in the world.

the records were made in czech republic, of course, and i had to phone up a woman who spoke english but to get to talk to her i had to say "err english" to everyone until i got put through. she was very helpful, the records got made and the test pressing were sent to my house which was great.
a few days later i was going to bristol to give the records to tom, tom, joff and simon and i caught the train and realised id forgotten them, so when i got to bristol my mum gave me a lift all the way back to cannington and then back to bristol.

one evening in january 2003, they all drove to my house in cannington and we folded sleeves and stamped A and B onto the records and stuck the stickers on the front and such, tom lent me the harry smith folk anthology. we did a show in the bristol music club with bucky and then my two toms and then the lonely ponies and i made this poster for it, which i still think is pretty good.