The Nervy Betters

by The Nervy Betters


stitch025 — LP, 2014

    Side A

  1. New Country
  2. Franky
  3. Lud's Church
  4. Gravestone
  5. Bonfires
  6. Bletting
  7. YANW3

    Side B

  1. YANW2
  2. October's Ash
  3. Beechmast
  4. Sidmouth
  5. Apex of the Green
  6. Ordinary Stuff
  7. Medlar
  8. Punchbowl

Roxanne Brennan bass guitar, voice.
Steve Brett electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, double bass, keyboard, philicorder, voice, drums, percussion, piano, glockenspiel, psaltery.
Henry Ireland electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, philicorder, voice, drums, piano, glockenspiel, accordion.
George Mckenzie bass guitar, double bass, viola.
Nicol Parkinson drums.

Recorded by Steve Brett in Bristol, London and Seaford, January September 2013. Mixed and mastered by Nico Marcel 2013/14.

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"The sound of the record is simple and often sparse, particularly so on the large number of beautifully atmospheric instrumentals. This is music to listen to whilst sitting under the stars as fire crackles in the distance. It's a record with a glorious sense of space."
- There's Treasure Everywhere