Three Songs

by Ian Humberstone


stitch023 — 7", 2013

    Side A

  1. Ocean Paths to Palace

    Side B

  1. Three Dreams
  2. Sing Young

'Three Songs' is a collection of warm, flowing streams of classical guitar; trickles and trills of church piano; and insistent, minimal percussion evoking dérives into the countryside and city and faltering steps onto the stage. It was recorded by Ian onto half-inch tape in St. Andrew's church, Stapleford, Cambridgeshire over three sessions in January 2012.

Ian explains: ‘The church dates to the twelfth-century and is situated in the village where I grew up. As a teenager I walked past it everyday on my way to college, and I always thought it would make a beautiful place record music – owing to its unique setting and rich, natural acoustics. The opportunity to record there presented itself in January 2012 and I soon found myself lugging a half-inch tape machine in and out of its vaulted entrance on dark, winter evenings. The sessions were, for the most part, recorded alone with one paltry heater for company; I would set up the gear, hit record, then jump in front of the mic to perform the take. I was joined now and again by Rob Waters (of the band The Great Bear), and Robin Spottiswoode (who collaborated with me in Tissø Lake), and it was a pleasure to have them lend their respective vocal and violin takes to the recordings.”

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Press Images

Cover art (15cm x 15cm, 300dpi, 1.7MB zip file)

Artist photograph (10cm x 16.25cm, 300dpi, 2.3MB zip file)